Franklin Township board members also sit on the board of the Wellsville Fire District, along with one board member appointed by the City of Wellsville.  Wellsville Fire provides fire, rescue and first responder medical services to Franklin Township of Franklin County (including the City of Wellsville), eastern Hayes Township of Franklin County, and parts of Richland and Stanton Townships of Miami County.  For fire or rescue response regardless of your location, dial 9-1-1. Ambulance service in Franklin County is provided by Franklin County EMS.  There is an ambulance stationed at Wellsville with paramedics on duty 24x7x365.  Abulance service in Miami County is provided by Miami County EMS.  All Miami County ambulances are stationed at Paola with paramedics on duty 24x7x365.  For emergency medical response regardless of your location, dial 9-1-1. Wellsville Fire District... * Protects over 4,500 residents * Protects over 100 square miles of land and property * Responded to over 250 calls for service in 2013 * Has 28 dedicated volunteer firefighters * Has mutual aid and auto aid agreements with neighboring fire departments For more information about the Wellsville Fire District, visit Fire Department
National Threat Advisory
© Copyright 2014 Franklin Township of Franklin County, Kansas Volunteers Needed Wellsville Fire depends on volunteers to provide fire protection to the residents of Franklin, Richland and Hayes Townships. To learn more about how you can help, please contact Chief Robert Thomas at 785-883-2228.
Planning a Burn? Franklin County requires all citizens of Franklin County to obtain a burn permit prior to igniting a fire. CLICK HERE for more information.